What To Expect Before And After Breast Augmentation


Women who want to change the size and the shape of their breast often undergoes breast augmentation. It depends on upon the condition, some women wants to enlarge their beast and some want to make it smaller. It is just one of the ways in order to change a woman's body contour. In every surgery, patients do have the chance to have an initial consultation with their chosen plastic surgeon. Questions and queries about the surgery should be asked during this time. Click orange county tummy tuck for more info. 

It is the responsibility of your plastic surgeon to inform you and give you the right directions before going under the knife. Some surgeons restrict their patients from smoking or taking any drugs or even food before the surgery. Your plastic surgeon will also evaluate your overall health status in order to avoid complications afterwards.

Although breast augmentation is the most common procedure done by plastic surgeons, always remember that it is still a medical procedure and it is your responsibility to hire the most qualified medical professional out there. On the day of the operation, it is very important that you have someone with you to assist you after the surgery. It depends on where it will be performed, it may be at the doctor's clinic or in a hospital.

It is very common for breast augmentation to be using general anesthesia. It simply means that you as a patient will be unconscious the whole time the procedure happens. But some surgeons prefer local anesthesia only where in you will be awake but will not feel any pain from the said procedure.

During the surgery itself, the surgeon will create an incision either in the infra-mammary crease, the armpit crease, or next to the areola. It is best if you discuss these factors before the surgery so that both you and your surgeon will the same decision. Once the incision is made, your surgeon will then make a pocket just behind the breast for the implants to go in. your surgeon will also have the option on where he will create the pocket for the implant. Once the pocket is created, then the implants can now be inserted. You also have an option to choose what specific implants will be used. Look for plastic surgeon newport beach now!

After the implants are in place, it is now time for your surgeon to close off the incision. He will then place an ample amount of bandage around the incision site in order to protect it from being infected and for it to have a good healing process. Basically every after surgery, the patient can directly go home for recovery. Recovery will only take days but during the healing process, you will be advised to wear a surgical bra. After a week the stitches will be removed and the remaining swelling and bruising of the area will just subside after a few more week. It will be your surgeon who will determine if you can now return to your normal daily activity